Why Viesmmann boilers are a great choice

Why Viessmann boilers are a great choice

AGL Plumbing and Heating Engineers offer a great range of plumbing and heating services- from installing underfloor heating, to providing a boiler service- to Warrington and its surrounding areas. When it’s time to purchase a new boiler, you may find all the choices a little daunting. With so many brands, types and size of boilers, the decision can become a bit overwhelming! However, we are always happy to provide recommendations and advice.

One particular boiler brand we recommend is Viessmann. We think it is a great choice of boiler and it has so many available options to tempt you.


Viessmann is a well-known brand, with excellent international reputation. This is due to its top quality boiler products and current approaches to technology and innovation. Furthermore, it has been around from the early 20th Century, meaning it has stayed on the market for over 100 years!

They don’t only provide boilers either. In fact, Viessman offer several products for your home. They specialise in underfloor heating and offer a wide variety of renewable products too!

Viessmann boiler types

Viessmann offer a full range of boiler types: combi, regular, and system. Each has its advantages, which you can find out more about below…

Viessmann combi boiler


  • They have a compact size. This means it is easy to find a convenient place to store it. 
  • There is no need for a tank or water cistern 
  • They come with comprehensive warranty, providing reassurance if you were to experience any problems.

Viessmann regular/ conventional boiler


  • If you are replacing an old regular system, there is no need for extensive pipework changes
  • Compared to older boilers, you get improved energy efficiency
  • It can reach high demands of water and heating
  • It can cope with supplying water to multiple bathrooms, at the same time.
  • Again comprehensive warranty is included.

Viessmann system boiler


  • It is compatible with other Viessmann products, such as the low carbon technologies and solar systems. Combining these products will result in more efficient and cheaper energy usage.
  • They offer excellent energy efficiency
  • They provide a constant supply of hot water, whenever you need it.
  • They are ideal for high demands and usage- they can deliver hot water to several rooms.
  • They also come with comprehensive warranty

If you would like to find out more information, such as the costs or, to see the full range of available products, you can visit their website by clicking here.

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