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Why larger residences require a different approach

At AGL Heating and Plumbing Engineers, one of the most costly mistakes we come across is when an average domestic plumbing company is called upon to provide heating and hot water design for a large residence.

Most domestic plumbers aren’t aware of the difference between a heating system that’s suitable for an average-sized home and one suitable for a larger residence.

The problem is that if the plumbing company in question get it wrong (which happens far too often), this can result in costly remedial works.

AGL Heating and Plumbing Engineers: Our approach

Unlike many plumbing companies, we understand that customers with larger homes require a completely different approach. We appreciate that these residences should be treated like a small commercial property rather than another average house. This strategy is essential in order to gain the best performance and efficiency benefits.

We have extensive experience in carrying out heating and hot water solutions to large residences throughout areas such as Altrincham and Hale Barns. So if you are looking for an experienced and reliable company to provide you with these services, then look no further than AGL Heating and Plumbing Engineers.

Have you considered the benefits of underfloor heating?

If you are carrying out a new build or renovation project for a large domestic property, then you should definitely take underfloor heating into consideration. Conventional central heating systems (i.e. those that use traditional radiators) can really struggle to provide heat to large homes.

Underfloor heating on the other hand is naturally efficient and is ideally suited for providing heat to larger homes. Underfloor heating runs at a much lower temperature than traditional radiators, meaning less energy is consumed and therefore energy bills kept lower. Furthermore, once installed, underfloor heating requires virtually no maintenance.

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