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Underfloor heating based in Rainhill, St Helens

Underfloor heating based in Rainhill, St Helens

At AGL Heating & Plumbing Engineers, you can be assured that by choosing us you are going with a company that are experts in underfloor heating and carry out our installations to the highest standards of workmanship.

We specialise in underfloor heating and are experts when it comes to design, which is often an overlooked aspect of a quality underfloor heating system. We've found from previous experience that poorly designed systems can be disastrous, even when the workmanship was of good quality. Quite a few times we've been called out to find that the underfloor heating system installed by another customer wasn't designed well to suit the property and that we have had to rectify those designs. We can understand how frustrating this must be to our customers so highly advise that you ensure you use an expert who specialises in underfloor heating design and installation.   

We cover all aspects of the design and installation of underfloor heating including floor screeding so you don't have to worry about managing the project yourself or getting multiple companies in to do the work. We're here to make the process of getting underfloor heating hassle-free and easy. 

Offered nationwide

We are based in Rainhill, St Helens and carry out the majority of our work in nearby Warrington, Widnes, Wigan, Rainhill, Rainford, Liverpool, Merseyside, Altrincham, Hale Barns, Crosby, Lydiate, Haskayne, Southport, Formby, Ainsdale and Freshfield, although we are happy to travel across the U.K. for larger scale works. 

Hidden heating at its finest

We can supply and fit full wet underfloor heating systems to 99% of property types. This method of heating vastly reduces fuel bills and gives total heating comfort when combined with weather compensating technology, a service we also offer.

Underfloor heating provides a great alternative to conventional radiators or hot-air heating systems. Among the benefits include:

  • Underfloor is concealed and unobtrusive
  • Increased efficiency. Due to the even distribution of heat, underfloor systems can be much more efficient than a traditional heating system

Underfloor heating: how it works

So how exactly does an underfloor heating system work? There are two types, namely ‘wet’ and ‘dry’. We specialise in ‘wet’ underfloor heating. In this system, warm water is pumped through pipes beneath the floor. Please see the image below for an example of how underfloor heating is set up underneath the floor. This image is of our own work, on a project we completed in 2013. As you can see, the pipes are evenly distributed across the floor space. When the hot water passes through these pipes, the heat generate will rise and is evenly distributed throughout the room.

Underfloor heating: overlay system

Overlay is a form of warm water underfloor heating and is ideal for both renovation projects and new builds and can be installed over existing floors. This can be used for all types of projects and floor coverings such as tile, hard wood, carpet and vinyl. The benefit of using an overlay system is that it allows you to install underfloor heating without the need for excavating the floor. To find out more about this and to see if it would be a good fit for you and your home, please get in touch with us today. 

Retrofit underfloor heating

We are able to retrofit underfloor heating in existing properties without all the hassle you might think goes into such an installation such as excavation or other messy construction work. Don't assume that your property and underfloor heating are mutually exclusive, we can carry out installations in 99% of property types. Our underfloor heating is perfect for both renovations and extensions alike, so whatever you have in mind when it comes to underfloor heating, we're here to help.


Underfloor heating systems require less energy to run than a traditional heating system with radiators. The system can be up to 40% more efficient than using radiators. You may well be wondering what causes this gap in efficiency. Because the surface area of a radiator is much less than that of a floor, the water used to heat up a room through radiators must be much higher than water running through an underfloor heating system. As well as this, underfloor heating takes advantage of the fact that heat rises, allowing heat generated to disperse more evenly than a radiator would.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Radiators can be unsightly and can take up precious space, which is particularly important for smaller rooms. As well as this, radiators can potentially cause maintenance issues further down the line and may have to be repainted.


Even though the heating has been turned off, your floors will stay warm with the help of an underfloor heating system, meaning you’ll never get cold feet again. Stone floors in particular work really well with retaining the heat generated from underfloor heating.

Interested in underfloor heating?

If you’re interested in having underfloor heating installed, or even if you’d like to ask us a couple of questions to see if underfloor heating is the best choice for you, please get in touch. You can either fill out our contact form or give us a call on 0152 532 0182 or 07977 806175.

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