Underfloor heating & radiators: key differences

You might hear “underfloor heating” and think of it as a huge luxury and not something that might fit in smaller homes and families. However, it’s becoming more and more affordable and offers some huge advantages to standard radiators so let’s take a look at some of the key differences…

How underfloor heating works?

We’ve been installing underfloor heating in the Warrington area for years so here’s a breakdown of how it works. In short, underfloor heating works by creating a method of heat and makes that heat rise. Underfloor heating is unique to traditional options because it can be powered in different ways.

For example, ‘wet’ systems pump warm water through pipes under the floor which is most likely what comes to mind when you think of underfloor heating. There is also the option of what is known as ‘dry’ system. These make use of electric coils that are installed under the floor.

The benefits of underfloor heating

One of the most noticeable differences between underfloor heating and radiators is that a underfloor heating system is just that. Under your floor and out of sight. This is a huge benefit for smaller homes as it does away with the need for bulky radiators.

Because the heat is not coming from one direct source like a radiator, it is easier to get a much more even distribution of heat throughout the room. This means that an underfloor heating system is much better for people who are trying to heat a larger area. Underfloor heating also can operate at much lower temperatures than traditional radiators.

The drawback of underfloor heating

The clear elephant in the room when it comes to a comparison is the cost of underfloor heating. Unlike other areas of heating though it is not always the materials that are expensive but actually the installation as it requires you to get access to the underfloor of your home before anything can be done and that usually means that room will be unusable until the work is complete. If you live in a small household or only have one bathroom, this could be a big issue.

While underfloor heating can operate under lower temperature, the inherent downside to this is that it can take the system longer to heat a room up, so for it to be truly effective, you need to make clever use of a timer to make your rooms warm for when it actually matters to you. It can also affect the way that your room has to be laid out as sensitive furniture may not be recommended to be on top of a heated system.

Bringing it all together

If space is a huge issue for your home and you are already having work done to your home that allows access the floor such as if it’s a new build or you have other work arranged then underfloor heating is a good option. It is not an option that will save you large amount of money due to installation costs but it is an upgrade that will allow you to deliver heat much more evenly and this is a huge benefit to many homeowners.

Based in Warrington and interested in underfloor heating?

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