4 tips for reducing home heating bills

Everyone knows that when winter comes, you can notice a big difference in your heating bills. However, if you follow these tips, you could find your heating bills dramatically decrease.

There are some areas around your home, which can be particular problem areas. Your windows and doors for example, can be a big cause of heat loss. Fixing these can really reduce your heating bills.

Windows and Doors:

Worn Weatherstripping

If you notice the weatherstripping is becoming worn, you should consider replacing it. Worn weatherstripping around your windows and doors creates drafts and lets in cold air. As a result, you feel chillier, and have the heating on for longer, or on at a higher temperature. Having hot air escape also makes your furnace work harder. According to the National Insulation Association (NIA), approximately 20% of a home’s heat loss happens around doors and windows.

Cover with plastic film

Covering any windows and patio doors with plastic clear film, can help prevent or, at least lessen heat loss. Simply using plastic film, can save you money on your heating bills. This is especially good, as the film is inexpensive and easy to apply. In fact you’ll barely notice it- if you put it on properly. In Spring you can easily remove the film again.

Insulate Attic Door

Even if your attic is well-insulated, warm air can still escape through the attic hatch. So you should try ensure your access door is also properly insulated. If something is obstructing the opening, or the door is damaged and distorted, then it might not lie flat. If it doesn’t lie flat, it can allow air to escape into the attic. To stop this from happening insulate the door. If it won’t lay flat, then tightly close it, using a latch bolt system.

Lock doors and windows 

You probably won’t be opening your windows much in Winter, so there is no need to keep them unlocked. Locking windows and doors will make a difference to your heating bills. The earlier you lock them, the better. If you wait you’ll potentially be wasting money, and the windows can freeze in their present positions. This then makes it difficult to later lock them. Closed windows and doors can still allow cool outside air to enter the home, if they’re unlocked. However, locking windows helps ensure they are pressed tight against the weather-stripping and thus prevents intruding cold air.

Live in the Warrington area and interested in underfloor heating?

Simply using your windows and doors effectively can cause a considerable decrease to your heating bills. If you would like more advice on heat reduction tips, or how underfloor heating can help you then please get in contact here.