What you need to know about Gas Safe

The days of CORGI being the governing body for heating engineers are over. Here’s everything you need to know about why the register is important when it comes to your keeping your home safe…

What is The Gas Safe Register?

The Gas Safe Register is the official registration scheme in the United Kingdom for installers and maintenance engineers dealing with gas appliances. Another organisation that you may have heard of is CORGI. That’s because as of 1st April 2009, Gas Safe replaced CORGI as the official registration scheme.

Any person that works with gas in any way must be registered with the Gas Safe register to lawfully carry out work anywhere in the UK. Every heating engineer that is on the Gas Safe register is given their own personal ID and licence number.

How Can I Check The Gas Safe Register?

Homeowners can use the Gas Safe website to confirm that their engineer is on the register and doing so will bring up that person’s picture as well as a list of their qualifications. There are also other ways that you can check a company or trade with the Gas Safe Register.

Homeowners can send the word “Gas” as well as the business registration number of a company to 85080. You’ll be sent back a text which will be able to confirm if your trade is registered. You can also do this with your engineer’s licence number which you can find on their ID card or documentation.

There is even an option to allow you to request a photo of your engineer to be sent straight to your phone.

Why The Gas Safe Register Helps Homeowners?

If you are looking for a new engineer that has never completed any work for you, we recommend that you do take the time to check your engineer to see if he/she is present on the register. This can give you not only the peace of mind regarding your engineer’s qualifications but also so that you know who to expect when they come to do the job.

This is particularly important for the elderly, who don’t have too many visitors. Welcoming someone into your home you don’t know might cause some people some worry, so being able to help people get to know the person who is coming is an advantage.

Remember that you are always within your rights to ask to see your engineer’s ID card, as they are required to carry it with them to every job and must show this to you every time that carry out work. Professional tradesmen are more than happy to provide you with any details about themselves so don’t feel as though you are being rude by asking.

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