FAQs of installing a new boiler in your home

Boilers can be a very complex household appliance and may leave you with a lot of questions. To help you out with choosing your new boiler, we have answered all of your FAQs in one handy blog post.

What is boiler efficiency?

An efficient boiler will keep your home warmer for cheaper, as it will waste less energy. Not only does an efficient boiler help to save you money, but it also helps the environment. The less energy wasted means the less CO2 being released into the atmosphere, which is more important now than ever. Boiler efficiency is rated by grades, with A being the most efficient.

How efficient should my boiler be?

When buying a new boiler, you should always choose an A rated model. To be A rated, your boiler must be at least 95% efficient. To put this into context, as little as 5p is wasted in every £1 spent on. Boilers from only five years ago may be as inefficient as 50%, meaning 50p in every £1 is wasted. While the difference may not seem a lot, it really begins to mount up when you consider how much money you spend on heating your home.

What size should my boiler be?

A boiler that is too big will use an excessive amount of energy to heat your home, as it will have to work harder than it needs to. However, a boiler that is too small will struggle to keep up with your demands for heat over time. The size of your boiler also depends on which type you choose, as some models have more components than others. It is important that you make the right decision when it comes to size, as your boiler will be in your home for years to come. While this may seem like a big choice, our gas engineers can help you out.

Need a new boiler in St Helens?

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